French citizen born in 1955 in Colombes, Alain Séchas lives and works in Paris. 

Alain Séchas (play of word in French of "his-cats") built a merry but subversive universe. He takes over the image of the cat and declines into stories. This soft, calm animal can be transformed into an anxious, accusing, violent and blasphemous being. It allows for its author to carry a critical eye on society, rendering problems infantile, with an obvious narcissistic look.

Alain Séchas
View of the exhibition held between January 17 and February 22, 2008

Through his polystyrene figures, the artist with the virtuosity of his stroke takes us along through his stories. He rebuilds a universe where his subject is man in all his tragedies, his conformism, his generosity, his aspirations to power, his collective imagination and his middle-class cool-hand.

His abstract paintings seem to detach subjects serious or trivial. And yet, the artist deals with soft and delusional lines about the violence of the world, its frustrations, its fears, its questions or its desires.